Friday, January 15, 2010

We have had a rather strange week here in the potatocraft household.  It started on Sunday, actually Sunday night at about 6pm.  I went to go make dinner and we had no hot water. And as our hot water comes directly from the heater, that means we had no heat.  So I called the landlord and we had a repair guy come out and fix it.  No problem, at least not really for me, except that some repair guy had to come to my house at 8pm on a Sunday. 
Fast forward to yesterday morning when I wake up to Patrick standing over me letting me know that we don't have any water coming out all together.  Great, so I get up and we figure out that we have a frozen pipe.  Another call to the landlord and the handiman comes to visit me with his little heat gun thing.  And after a trip down cellar he is standing in my kitchen letting me know that the pipe actually runs up in the ceiling and that we would have to remove part of it to thaw the pipe. Now all this time we've had a trickle of water coming out of the shower to try and get it to thaw on it's own.  And thankfully it decided that moment to finally let loose.  So frozen pipe, thawed.  Great! 
Now where is my phone?  Hadn't really seen is since yesterday, where could it have gone.  Well the last time it went missing we called the number and the trash started to ring.  We'll try that, luckily Patrick was still home with his phone.  So we probably called my number with his phone 2 dozen times trying to locate it.  We even took the trash apart and re bagged it trying to find this phone.  No luck.  So Patrick called US Cellular and had my old cell phone activated with my number. And the cool part is that they were able to talk him through doing that over the phone.  I feel I should point out that we do not have a land line, so without a cell phone I have no way to get a hold of anyone in case of an emergency.  Anyway, so I now have a cell phone and Patrick takes a shower and heads off to the hospital to finish his workday. (up until then he had gone and fixed a computer at an office right here in town, but hadn't yet gone into the hospital)  Just as he gets to the hospital he got a call from the Sheriff's office, someone turned in my cell phone.  They had found it next to the main road right in town.  Awesome! 
So after Fynn woke up from his nap and had some lunch we went to go get my cell phone.  What an adventure!  The police station has been temporarily moved to the old superintendent building by the high school. Okay no problem, so I drive to the high school thinking I would see a sign or something, no sign.  So I asked someone in the parking lot and they showed me to this cute little white house.  Okay, so I drive into the driveway and around the back of the house and there are some police cars.  No sign or anything, just a little white house.   A very nice woman named Betty looked around and discovered that no, my phone had not been turned in there, but at the sheriff's office in the courthouse.  So I went to the courthouse, and asked at the first office I found where the sheriff's office would be.  And found out that it was actually 2 buildings over down some stairs and then on the second floor.  I found it, they had my phone.  Or the hunk of metal that used to be my phone.  Someone even peeled the buttons off the face of it.  Believe it or not it still turns of.  And most importantly, it still had the 4 gig memory card that I had put into it.  So I still have all of my information and pictures. 
Now on to this morning.  I get up and go to take a shower.  Get in there and whoooeeee, it was cold. So I come out and try turning up the heat to see if the furnace is broken or if it is something else all together.  And wait, and wait, and no furnace.  So I call the landlord again......and after yet another repair guy we not at 2 pm have hot water again.  So I'm going to and wash my hair, while I can. 

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