Monday, January 11, 2010

We had decided to get rid of some of our old books that have been cluttering the house.  So to do this we looked around online to find out where we could sell them and have settled on  It is working out pretty well for us.  We have 3 big boxes of books waiting for people to buy them and ship.

So after listing all of these books on Friday night. (clearly we have no life)  We have actually sold a few.  So I had to get them in the mail today.  Fynn and I went to Family Dollar to get some mailers and in the car we were listening to craftypod, an awesome podcast put out by Sister Diane.  And, because I have a hard time staying up to date with these things, I was listening to the podcast she did in December with her Mom.  And she has the greatest idea ever!  Especailly for people like me, who are getting into this blogging thing and are looking for ideas for their blog, and coming up with them mostly when they are away from their computer.  Anyway, she mentioned that she has a whole year of posts all planned out already!  That is some major planning.  But what she said is, she has a notebook that she keeps one page labeled for each month and when she gets an idea, she just puts in under whatever month would be most appropriate.  And then she can fill in pages behind that with ideas for individual posts. 
Building on this idea, I was cruising around craftzine and came across a great blog called futuregirl.  And she had the greatest post on how to make the pages in a ring notebook removable!  So you can be totally organized and not have to rip pages out and staple them to other pages, and, and, OCD tendancies are totally happy with this.  So now I am off to find a notebook that would work.  I know I have one somewhere in that craft-room that will work! 
See, between the notebook and the idea I found at reesedixon for putting all of my goals and projects up on the side of my blog for a little accountability, I think I am off to a good start. 

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futuregirl said...

Thank you for linking to my blog! Glad you liked the post. :)