Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chicken Stew

One of my favorite things about winter in Maine is the food.  Okay, honestly one of my favorite things period is the food. And I have notice that my taste in food is actually very seasonal.  But winter food, YUM!  I just love a cozy soup or stew or casserole or any of those wonderfully warm comfort foods that make you slow down just a little bit.
Yesterday Patrick took the day off from work for an extended weekend so we had a slow down kind of day around here.  Fynn never got out of his pajamas and just did some chore around the house.  Oh, and I went and mailed those book I was talking about yesterday.  But most of the day was spent hanging out here.
And for dinner last night I made this...

Chicken Stew!
And it was so good!
Chicken Stew
I used leftover chicken and the broth it had cooked in for this, there was the meat from about 6 chicken thighs here.  I just took the meat off the bones and saved it in the broth.

Sweat: 1 onion, chopped and 2 cloves of garlic minced in 1 T butter over medium low heat.
After about 3 minutes add 1/2 to 1 cup chopped celery and let that sweat while you chop 2 potatoes into 1" pieces.
Add the potatoes to the pot and stir.
Sprinkle the whole mixture with about 1 T flour and stir to mix.
Add the leftover chicken and liquid and if you need to add a little water so it is just covered.
Pop the cover on and put the whole thing into the oven at 350 F for 45 minute to 1 hour.

Oh and as for the pot, I use this

My Awesome Blue Dutch Oven
A dutch oven is perfect for stuff like this, they can be used on the stove top to sweat the veggies and then put right into the oven to finish the oven. We had this stew with homemade garlic biscuits and big tossed salads.


Lauren Hawley said...

Hi Shawna,
I love that aqua dutch oven! Actually, I really need one. Where did you get it? Your stew looks delish, too!
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm leaving you an answer on the quilt piecing after your comment.
Have a great day!

Shawna said...

I actually got it for Christmas last year...So I'm guessing it was purchased at either TJ Max or Marshalls. But it is really nice, and it seems to have a sort of non-stick almost cast iron finish on the inside.