Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dog Bed

While it is a know fact that in our house the dogs are people.  And they do have pretty much full privileges when it comes to the furniture, they do have their own bed as well.   Actually it is a pillow that sits next to the pie cupboard in the kitchen.  And the pillow case, one that Patrick had made a while back, was seriously hurting.  it had somehow acquired a t shaped rip in it.  Well, not somehow, we know Bean ripped it. She has a habit of scratching and pawing where she is going to sleep, she likes to have things a certain way. 
Anyway, I mentioned to that the cover would need to be replaced and Monday Patrick make up this little ditty.
Yeah, I know, he is being a goof.  He made the blocks a while ago, but decided that they were too scratchy for a quilt because they are upholstery material.   But I think they make a great dog bed.

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