Friday, February 22, 2013

Elmo Came to the Tierney House

Liam loves "Sesame Street," loves it.  When I found Fandom in Stitches I knew I had found the perfect birthday present for Liam.  Paper-piecing patterns for all of his favorite characters.  The bad news was I had found it with only a week for pull it off.  But I did it.  I didn't get everyone into the quilt I wanted to; but Elmo, Dorthy, Slimy, and Cookie Monster were all ready for the party.  And he loves it, and sleeps with it and that makes this Mama's heart happy. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Look Who's 2!

It seems like only yesterday we were meeting this little guy for the first time.  He has always been a happy boy. 

And now, he has grown into a crazy, happy, imaginative toddler!  It is so hard to imagine. 
It is so hard to get a photo of the living blur we have named Liam.  This kid never slows down. 
Happy Birthday Liam!

Friday, February 1, 2013

January in Review

Lets see how I did, I know I didn't do everything on my list of monthly goals, but eh....
  • 1 sewing project - rice bags and place mats
  • 1 knitting project - I finished knitting my nieces sweater, I will post pictures after I add buttons
  • 1 hand work project - Does knitting count?  I started hand quilting my quilt.
  • 1 spinning project - yeah, I really need to get my wheel out.
  • 1 clothing item for a kid - My nieces sweater!
  • 1 adult clothing item - Didn't happen this month
  • 1 quilt - the strip quilt I am hand quilting
  • 1 quilted item - nope
  • 1 bag - nope
  • 1 item to be donated - place mats
  • 1 thing just from stash - place mats, rice bags, quilt
  • 1 Christmas present - nope
  • 1 birthday present - the sweater!
  • Something from one of the books/patterns I already own. - The sweater is based on "In Threes" link to follow with picture
  • Something completely of my own design. - The strip quilt! 

Now that it is February a few things occurred to me.  We did spend the last week of January with the stomach bug of doom.  I didn't really plan on a whole lot of sick time.  And I don't think I need to check every box, every month.  but it is a good focusing list.  And the main thing is that I took pictures and post all of the projects that I worked on last month, and plan to continue to do so this month.  YEAH!!!