Monday, April 30, 2012

Gone Loonie

One of my favorite parts of living on the lake is this guy!

Or gal as it may be. I love listening to all of the birds, frogs, bugs and other wild life that make their homes right next door!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What I Made for the Swap

So I try not to post without pictures, however...I suck and didn't take pictures of the swap gifty I made for my partner before sending it.  So we will see how this goes.   My recipient for this swap is Heather over at Rain's Rantings.  I had heard that she just got a new camera, the same exact camera that I got for Christmas this year.  And so I thought she needed some accessories! 
I decided to make her the On the Strap DSLR Camera Cover from Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders

and a Strap Cover to Jazz it up a little.  Because I am all about linen right now I used that for the camera cover.  And I used some of Carolyn Gavin's new "Soul Garden in Navy" for the lining and the strap cover.  I sort of made my own strap slip cover pattern but I did check out the different tutorials linked here for inspiration. 
I did have a lot of fun making this project and being a part of this swap!  And I really hope to be a part on another swap soon.  If you want to see what everyone else made you can totally check it out at the big link up over HERE! 

May I Present...

Hi Everyone, today we are linking up with Vanessa!  We were paired in a swap and she made Liam an awesome Birthday gift!  I'll let her tell you all about it~ 

Hi Potato Craft Followers! I'm Vanessa and I blog over at my sewing/craft blog, Designs By Sessa! One of the first people that ever taught me how to sew was a sweet friend of mine named Carla! She makes these awesome hooded towels for baby gifts for friends and they are so awesome.... see?
 I have 2! One she made me originally and another after she taught me how to make them! I finally asked her to allow me to reveal how she makes them for others to enjoy in a tutorial, too! Carla's Hooded Towel Tutorial has been one of my & my reader's favorite tutorials, so when Rachael at Imagine Gnats linked me up with Shawna for our Covert Robin and I saw her sweet boy Liam had just celebrated his 1st birthday, well, I knew I just had to make him one!
 Isn't he just precious in it!? 
I always use the Room Essential towels from Target for these hooded towels! They work out great for this project! For Liam's towel, I chose navy blue and used some striped Ralph Lauren fabric for around his hood. I love how it gave it definitely a nautical look perfect for a bath or the beach! 

I used the same fabric for his 'L' applique on the back, too. 
More than all though, it was so fun to make someone else happy! I'm glad I got paired with Shawna and got to make her/Liam such an awesome present!

Thanks, for having me Shawna! And I'd love to have you over at Designs By Sessa anytime, so feel free to stop by and say "Hello!!!"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sewing Therapy

We were hoping to be able to share very good news with everyone very soon.  And had in fact started telling people in real life that I was 16 weeks pregnant.  However we have instead found out that our little baby to be had no heartbeat at the latest ultrasound, just this last Thursday. One day shy of 16 weeks.  From everything I have researched, this is very unusual as most miscarriages occur before 12 weeks. As all of my previous miscarriages have.  So we were a little shocked.
But like all of my babies, living and dead, this one will get a quilt.  I have sewn a quilt for each of my miscarriages and donated it to either the woman's shelter or hospital to give out to someone who could use a baby quilt.  This isn't any different.  I find that some simple sewing and some tears really help.  And so, once I have it all quilted, I will be giving this baby's quilt to Miles Memorial to give to someone else who could use a little comfort. 

I used very bright colors, some Tula Pink, some Amy Butler, some Malka Dubrawsky to make this quilt.  I think it makes for a very cheery little blanky that someone will hopefully drag around the house and sleep with the way this baby should have been able to. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Swappy Goodness!

I am participating in the Covert Robin swap this month and yesterday I got an awesome swap package in the mail from Vanessa who blogs over here!  Actually I should say that Liam got an awesome Birthday present from Vanessa!  Isn't that hooded towel adorable!  And, although it is hard to see on a squirmy little baby, there is a monogrammed L on the back!  This towel has already proved perfect for a post shower cuddle and will be great this summer at the beach.