Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday at the Aquarium

We had to get out of the house has rained for like a week here.  And it wasn't looking to promising this morning.  So we decided we would take a drive to Boothbay and check out the Maine State Aquarium.  I love this little Aquarium, I really do.  It is basically one room with about a dozen different displays, a Shark tank and a touch tank. It is big enough to get some variety but small enough for even the littlest of kids to avoid getting too overwhelmed and antsy. 
Liam loved finding all the Cat Sharks in the shark tank and Fynn totally got into the touch tank.  Both boys thought it was hilarious when I squirted Patrick with a scallop.  The boys met lobsters, hermit crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers....all sorts of great critters. 
And wouldn't you know, when we left the Aquarium the sun came out.  So off to the beach we went!

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