Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Patchwork, Please! Sew-A-Long

I follow a lot of blogs, rather religiously, and one of my favorite is LRStitches !  Lindsey is awesome, she does some the the neatest stuff out there.  And one of my favorite things to watch was last years Zakka Style Sew A Long.  So...when I heard about this year's Patwork, Please! Sew A Long I decided I was in!
For starters the book is fantastic.  Every project is a project that I wanted to do anyway, so why not do them as a part of a sew-a-long?  Ayumi Takahashi is a fantastic write and I always looked forward to her contributions to Threads magazine.  And the book, the exact same quality and detail.  

Tomorrow I will start showing you my projects so I can link up with everyone else doing the sew-a-long. This is so much fun! 

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