Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!  I hope everyone had a great celebrations and I hope you all have good things in the year to come. 

We had a great holiday week, we went to Cooperstown for Christmas, got a new kitten, drove home in the Blizzard, had a quiet New Year's Eve and saw my sister in law on New Year's Day!  I even did some crafting in all that craziness.  I made my sister in law, Kate, a new pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas this year.  I think she likes them.  She asked for another pair after I made her some last year, so I made her a different pattern this time.  Anyway, Picture time! 

Fynn and his little cousin playing Great Grandpa's piano in Cooperstown. 

Miss Moxie Kitty.  She is something else.  Can you believe no one adopted her from the shelter. 

And because I forgot to show them to you last time, Fynn's mittens.  That boy has some long fingers!  He has his Daddy's hands and feet, HUGE!

I have a lot of stuff planned to the new year, for this blog and for life in general.  I have updated my goals, kept some from last year that just didn't pan out and set some new ones.  And the big exciting thing for this year is the new baby!!!  It is getting so close now that it is January, not so long now at all. 

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