Monday, December 20, 2010

Making Christmas

I try very hard to find something to make for everyone for Christmas every year.  I don't always succeed but I do try.  This year, I think I am doing a good job of making Christmas.  I have some socks that I knit for my Mom, my first pair ever; some pajamas for the kids, mine and friends of mine; a new apron for my Grandmother, this one even has a pocket; fingerless mittens for my sister in law, this was a requested pair because she loved last year's so much; and an embroidered winter scene for my Grandparents. 
These are the people on my list who are easy to make for, but it gets harder from here...

I have a hard time making things for people who's taste I don't witness very often.  My sister for example, she is a wonderful person and an exacting homemaker.  Because of the exactness of her homemaking skills and style, I have a rather hard time picking things to make her.  She has very good taste, but our taste is not the same, and I hate making things for people if they never use them.Now don't get me wrong, I have made gifts for her in the past, last year I made her a hooded scarf in an ivory yarn that I thought would match a coat she received the year before.  I have no idea if she has ever worn it or used it because I live so far away I only see her twice a year.  

I know it is the thought that counts but I want the time I put into gifts to mean something.  I don't want the gift to be put on a shelf or laughed about later.  So there is this little group of people I care about deeply, but just don't get enough to make for. 

Then there is a third group of people in my life, and these people are the baked goods people.  I know everyone breaks out the cookie cutters and candy canes this time of year and for certain groups of people, I do too.  These people are my husband's coworkers, my midwife, my landlady, ya know people like that.  And this year I am making them a treat!!!  A Christmas breakfast treat!  Cinnamon Rolls!!!!!  Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls to be exact.  I got the cookbook for my birthday this year and LOVE it.  I love it so much that I am giving a copy of it to my sister for Christmas this year, because she will love it too.  She is such a cowgirl at heart that this cookbook will just speak to her. 

Anyway, all this ramble aside, I need to get back to my making.  Because it isn't over until the Fat Man Ho's and I have a TON of stuff to get done.  Those jammies won't sew themselves, ya know. 

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