Sunday, January 30, 2011

The baby countdown.

We have entered the baby countdown.  Less then a month to go before our little threesome adds a fourth!  And yes I am so ready.  Well sort off, because lets face it they are much easier to take care of before they are born.  And the feeding, changing, sleeping, crying cycle will begin.  And so will the smiling, cooing, feeding, laughing.  Oh and lets not forget that I haven't seen my feet in about 4 months and I sort of miss them. 

But to keep myself busy, and to relieve any Mom guilt I am having about Fynn and all the changes he will be facing in the coming months when he becomes a big brother, I have started some craft projects.  I made Fynn a little messenger bag that I will put some other surprises in just for him when he comes to visit me at the hospital. 

I figure a big brother might want a bag all his own to carry around his big boy stuff in. And made out of corduroy and lined with robot flannel, what could be more perfect?
It was really fun to make too, no stress, no deadline.  And I got to play with some of the fun stitches on my machine too. 

I may have to make some more of these and add them to the shop.  But for now, I am going to be looking for more fun things I can make to give to a new big brother to be when he comes to visit.  I would like to have something I can give him each of the 4 days he is going to be there to see me. 
I just need to come up with some ideas...and probably fast. 

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