Sunday, April 29, 2012

May I Present...

Hi Everyone, today we are linking up with Vanessa!  We were paired in a swap and she made Liam an awesome Birthday gift!  I'll let her tell you all about it~ 

Hi Potato Craft Followers! I'm Vanessa and I blog over at my sewing/craft blog, Designs By Sessa! One of the first people that ever taught me how to sew was a sweet friend of mine named Carla! She makes these awesome hooded towels for baby gifts for friends and they are so awesome.... see?
 I have 2! One she made me originally and another after she taught me how to make them! I finally asked her to allow me to reveal how she makes them for others to enjoy in a tutorial, too! Carla's Hooded Towel Tutorial has been one of my & my reader's favorite tutorials, so when Rachael at Imagine Gnats linked me up with Shawna for our Covert Robin and I saw her sweet boy Liam had just celebrated his 1st birthday, well, I knew I just had to make him one!
 Isn't he just precious in it!? 
I always use the Room Essential towels from Target for these hooded towels! They work out great for this project! For Liam's towel, I chose navy blue and used some striped Ralph Lauren fabric for around his hood. I love how it gave it definitely a nautical look perfect for a bath or the beach! 

I used the same fabric for his 'L' applique on the back, too. 
More than all though, it was so fun to make someone else happy! I'm glad I got paired with Shawna and got to make her/Liam such an awesome present!

Thanks, for having me Shawna! And I'd love to have you over at Designs By Sessa anytime, so feel free to stop by and say "Hello!!!"

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rachael said...

how cute!! great present :)