Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Updates and stuff

  • The mittens are finished and the little man loves them.  He will bring them over to me and hold his hands out to have his mittens put on so he can go outside and play. 
  • We all had colds last week and while the boys seem to be over them I am still getting over the last of my cough.  
  • Christmas is coming!!! Scary!  Thankfully in my little family Christmas is spread over the next month, actually 2 if you could my husband's work Christmas Pot Luck in February.  So While I do have crafty deadlines getting closer, some are closer then others.  
  • Did I mention that I had a cold for a week and therefore lost a whole week of productive crafting time this close to Christmas....I have to get busy!  
  • This little kid I'm growing if flopping like a fish these days!  But I don't have to worry about that until after Christmas...his birth is still a long way off until after Christmas right!  
Bean just wanted to say Hi!  She has been my footwarmer throughout the whole secret Christmas Craft-a-thon. 

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