Friday, December 11, 2009

Finishing School, Starting Christmas

This weekend will be devoted to both finishing school and starting Christmas.  As of right now I am about 66 questions into my 200 question final and whoooo, will I ever be happy when it is over!  I love that the tests have all been take home, but it really does seem to add a bit of pressure, you know the answer is out there, you just have to find it. 
I'm thinking I will finish it tonight after Fynn goes to bed.  I'm thinking it will probably go a bit easier without the "little helper" assisting my by coloring the pages or trying to take my pen/book/test away from me. 
The rest of the weekend is going to be spent cleaning up this pigpen house, moving the living room furniture and getting this place ready for decorating.  Then we will see what we have to start the holiday cheer!  I want to be all ready to get the tree next Saturday. 
I also need to make some cookies for class on Monday night.  Or well something to share with the class anyway.  I'm kind of leaning towards a pavlova, but I'm not 100% sure yet.  But a Pavlova is would be a great way to use some of the 25 lbs. of fruit we got in the latest co-op order and it would be different.  I don't think anyone else will be bringing one.  Oh and with everything else being in holiday mode, it would probably be nice to have something a little lighter in the mix. 
In other good news, Patrick handed off the on-call pager this morning!  That means 6 weeks until they page him in the middle of the night because they can't get a printer to work again.  No, its not all that bad, he really hasn't been paged all that much, but it seems that when he does get a page it is right at dinner or bed time.  But hey, at least it only happens once every 6 weeks, not like I married a doctor. 

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