Saturday, October 17, 2009

Possibly Piccata

We have decided this week, for financial reasons and well, because the freezers are getting ridiculous, that we are not buying any groceries other then milk. So because this is the second week of this things are getting a little creative in the kitchen. Tonight I had some ground turkey, white beans, and chickpeas in the freezer that I wanted to use. So I chopped an onion, added 3 garlic cloves, the turkey, some white wine that was sitting in the fridge, a spoonfull or 2 of capers and cooked that all up until the turkey was done. After a few stirs I added a bit of lemon juice, the beans and a can of tomatoes and let that all do it's thing while I started the water for pasta. We had a 1/2 a box of ditalini in the cupboard so that was tonight's pasta. After everything was cooked I crumbled the remains of a tub of Feta on top and off we went. A little cauliflower on the side and it was an almost, possibly, Piccata if you squinted just right. But definitely Yum!

I have been working on all the projects for the craft fair next weekend. I am trying to get everything I have started finished so I can evaluate where I am and what I still need to do. I have a feeling that this week is going to be a little manic. But when I am finished I will have some reusable gift bags, a few tote bags, soap, balm, a felted bag, Patrick's blankets, bibs, burp cloths....And I'm not really sure what else right now, but I really hope it will be enough. And that it all sells. hehe. That would be awesome. Ok actually at this point I'm just hoping that something sells.

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