Friday, October 30, 2009

The Etsty shop is back!

It has been a while since I have added anything to my etsy shop.  Between moving and not having internet and having a baby, I just haven't had as much crafting time as I would like.  But now that Fynn is getting older, and I have more time to work in my studio....Well here we go again! So I now have two items in my shop and as soon as I can get some more pictures taken I have more things just waiting to be listed.  This is all part of the craft fair thing.  Ya know I figure I can list the stuff I have for the craft fair and then unlist them if they sell. 
In other news, I still have to finish Fynn's Halloween costume.  Yeah, I know, Halloween is only 12 minutes away.  I do have an excuse however.  Fynn spent about 24 hours feeling like crap.  And it all came to a head last night with Fynn puking in bed.  So between him not sleeping at all the night before, being cranky and off all day yesterday and that, well I was busy...ya know, being a Mom.  And today when he took a nap, I was just so tired, I just took a nap too.  So I will be finishing the great parrot costume either tonight before I go to bed or tomorrow while he takes a nap or plays with his Dad. 
So I'd better get busy on that costume or else...

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