Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crafting in the Rain

Yesterday was the craft fair that I have been getting ready for. It was my first ever. It went pretty well. The weather was crappy, I'm talking Typhoon out there or something. So there weren't a lot of people who came out. I met me goal though. Now, my goal was to make more then what my table cost me, so it wasn't a huge goal. But I was happy with it.
I have another craft fair on December 4th. It is at the hospital and I think it will be better. People won't really have to travel to get to it because it is mostly for employees and visitors of the hospital. And I think my crafts will really appeal to the nurses who work there. The hand balm and stuff.
This week's project, however, is Fynn's Halloween costume. He is going to be a parrot. I have a ton of feathers cut out of satin and I'm going to make him a poncho and then cover them with the feathers. I think it will be the easiest way to get a toddler into a costume. hehe. I was hoping to have it done tonight but I have been playing around on the computer for a while and I still have to get my test done for class tomorrow, so.... It will have to happen this week durring nap time, as I am sure it will. It shouldn't take too long, the hardest part will probably be getting Fynn to stay still long enough to figure out how big things need to be.

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