Friday, February 1, 2013

January in Review

Lets see how I did, I know I didn't do everything on my list of monthly goals, but eh....
  • 1 sewing project - rice bags and place mats
  • 1 knitting project - I finished knitting my nieces sweater, I will post pictures after I add buttons
  • 1 hand work project - Does knitting count?  I started hand quilting my quilt.
  • 1 spinning project - yeah, I really need to get my wheel out.
  • 1 clothing item for a kid - My nieces sweater!
  • 1 adult clothing item - Didn't happen this month
  • 1 quilt - the strip quilt I am hand quilting
  • 1 quilted item - nope
  • 1 bag - nope
  • 1 item to be donated - place mats
  • 1 thing just from stash - place mats, rice bags, quilt
  • 1 Christmas present - nope
  • 1 birthday present - the sweater!
  • Something from one of the books/patterns I already own. - The sweater is based on "In Threes" link to follow with picture
  • Something completely of my own design. - The strip quilt! 

Now that it is February a few things occurred to me.  We did spend the last week of January with the stomach bug of doom.  I didn't really plan on a whole lot of sick time.  And I don't think I need to check every box, every month.  but it is a good focusing list.  And the main thing is that I took pictures and post all of the projects that I worked on last month, and plan to continue to do so this month.  YEAH!!! 

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