Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Take the Challenge!

I know I am a day late starting this, but I think it is ok.   I was actually working on a pair of pants for Fynn last night in the sewing room, so I totally think it counts. I have quite a few kids projects that I want to get finished up for them this fall. Including Quick Change Trousers, Jackets and a cute little skirt for my Niece, all from the All Set pattern set by Anna Maria Horner! I think this will be a great excuse to really focus on this set of sewing for Christmas and Fall this year.

I have been working like a busy little bee making Christmas stuff this year.  The move has been great because I now have a sewing room on the first floor so I can just pop in there any time I have even a few minutes and work away at whatever project I have going at the time.  And, I have a lot going.  There will be pictures, many pictures to come as people start receiving their gifts. 

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