Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fynn has pants!

 Excuse the dark pictures, there was no light outside this morning and my house is really dark!

However, Fynn did go to school wearing the Quick Change Trousers I finished for him last night! I do have to open a seam and tighten up the elastic a touch, he was sleeping when I got to that part and I really didn't want to wake him up to measure, but I wanted to finish them.  Oh well. 
 He quite enjoyed mugging for the camera!  And if you ask him his favorite part of the pants, he will tell you...
 He loves the little people on the butt!  This is my kid alright! 
I did make the outside out of quilting weight cotton fabric.  The inside, although they are completely reversible, is made out of some bug flannel to keep him nice and warm on this crispy fall day.  I made the 4t size and well, my kid is a bean pole and I think they will fit him for a while.  He will definitely grow out of them length wise first. 
The Main fabric on the outside is Dimitri Vine by David Butler.  The butt patch is some old Castle Peeps I had on hand.  The Flannel side is some bug flannel I got somewhere, maybe a Joann Fabric sale.  And the butt patch on the flannel side is some of the Moda Sock Monkey Knit in brown that I had hanging out.  I actually had just enough left for that butt patch...they don't take much. 

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