Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slow Sewing

I have decided that I want Quality.  I want to make projects that I like looking at.  I mean, I like the things I have made in the past, I really do.  However, I don't necessarily like everything I have made as much as I like the idea of what I made...I don't know if I am making sense.
I have had a real "get it done" mentality with projects.  I wanted things done quickly so I could move on to the next project.  I didn't really fix little mistakes, thinking no one would notice one little problem.  But ya know what, those little mistakes add up.  And it makes the whole project look bad when there are lots of little problems.

So instead of working as fast as I can to finish project that I'm not really going to like or use.  I am going to start taking my time, working slower (not hard with 2 little kids) and actually LOVING the results. 

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