Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gardening is my Life

Well that is how it feels sometimes right now.  We are busy getting gardens ready...without a rototiller at this point.  And that means a LOT of labor for my husband and a bit of labor for me.  But we are getting there.  And hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and I will be able to take some pictures for you all.  I even have some bathtub gardens! 
And I just got home from an awesome talk on Winter sustainable gardening.  I learned a ton and can't wait to go buy some bush beans because frankly we eat soooo many green beans and it is ridiculous to buy them when they are so easy to grow. So we will be adding some beans and potatoes to the garden and I leaned some other great stuff that I think I will be saving for next year.  Like how to defend your plants from bugs without chemicals.  Fabric is great for more then just quilts and clothes. 
And the guy talked about storing your veggies and all sorts of good things. Did you know that Kale is the easiest to store veggie ever, you just leave it there and when you want to eat it you move the snow off of it and pick what you want to eat.  It is crazy.  And you can just mulch your root veggies and leave them right in the ground all winter long and just dig up what you want to eat.  I am getting really excited about this. 
In other news, I have a new nephew!  Ezekiel was born on the 19th at 12:17 am and he is beautiful.  And a BOY, they were expecting a girl, and that means I need to hurry up and finish a boy quilt so when we go up to see them in a few weeks I will have it done. 
And now lets hope it doesn't take me another month to post again. 

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