Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mail from Auntie Dana and a Recap of the Pumpkinfest Parade!

The boys love getting mail and the totally loved getting new shirts in the mail from their Aunt Dana!  They wore them that day to the Pumpkinfest Parade we went to in Damariscotta and showed them off to everyone they met. 

 This performer was dancing, literally dancing on those stilts.  I can't even stay upright on my own two feet half the time. 

 The boy's favorite part was when Towmater decided to come to town.  They were so excited and Liam loved showing everyone that he had Mater on his shirt, just like the truck in the road. 

The parade was a lot of fun for everyone.  I will have pictures of all the fantastic pumpkins, but I have to go and take some first.  It was so busy in town over the weekend that it was hard to get anywhere near the pumpkins. But they will be in town through Halloween so I'm sure we will get a chance to really check them out. 

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