Thursday, May 23, 2013

Olivia's Birthday

My wonderful niece Olivia has now turned 4.  Crazy huh!  And because she has celebrated her birthday I can now reveal what I was working on a little bit ago. 

I know, I have written many times about how much I love Quick Change Trousers, but let me say it again.  I love Quick Change Trousers!  They are so stinkin' cute!  and they sew together so beautifully.  Well, for Miss Olivia I decided I would make the little shirt from the All Set Pattern by Anna Maria Horner to go with them.  And to top it all off we have an "In Threes" I knit for her way back in January of this year. 


Samantha said...

Really cute clothes. Are those made from linen? Couldn't really tell from the pictures.

Shawna said...

Hi Samantha,
The pants are made from a cotton linen blend from Lecien. The shirt is just cotton. I hope that helps!