Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fynn's Jacket

 I finished this jacket over the weekend for Fynn but as he was at his Grandmother's house, I hadn't had a chance to get a picture of him in it until now.  It is from, what is quickly becoming my favorite pattern, the All Set Pattern Set by Anna Maria Horner.I used a blue corduroy and some turtle flannel I had in my stash for this jacket.  I didn't have enough of the flannel, but didn't realize it until I had the jacket half cut out, so...I used a strip of the green corduroy from Liam's jacket as the contrasting strip on the hood.  I have discovered a few things that I'm going to change next time.  First, my kids must have really long arms so I will be lengthening the sleeves to give them a little more of a cuff.  This is a size 4t and it feels a little short on him.  Also, I think I want the next jacket to be a few inches longer too...I know a traditional coat would fall right at the waist, but my kids don't really tuck in their shirts, and it looks a little silly to me.  But, the most important thing is he loves this jacket and has worn it to school every day this week to show everyone his turtle coat.
The big change I made with this coat after making Liam's is I made button holes instead of elastic loops, I don't like the way the loops pull the button placket in.  but the button holes worked perfectly.
I definitely have a few changes I will make next time...maybe they both need spring coats, but I am very happy with how this one came out.
And so is he!  (Please excuse the scrap of batting on the floor behind my son...we live in a crafting house.)

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