Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thinking Spring

We had a snow day last week.  One day in which I did not go to work and the children and husband came home from school and work early.  And we spent that afternoon doing super fun snow day-type activities.  And one activity, I'm thinking the favorite of everyone involved, that was not a snow day-type activity.  We started some tomato seeds.
Fynn loved pouring the water over the peet pellets and watching them grow like "magic" and poking holes with his finger into each one.  We sprinkled the seeds together to help control the clumping that inevitably will happen and we gave the plants a little water.  And then we put the tray up on the fire mantel so it would stay nice and warm and get some morning sun and we waited.
We went about our life for the last week or so and ignored it.  And taking the tray down to check and water it this morning we got quite a nice little surprise.  Plants have started growing!

So, even after this mild winter, I guess the sign outside Clark's farm stand is right....there really are only 3 more days until spring! 
The lake is thawing out, and we went and bought our first grown up grill this last weekend.  The steak and chicken we cooked last night were to die for!  I see many, many grilled dinners each week to come as the clocks have turned and given us a bit more light to cook by after we get home every night.
Spring is definetly in the air at our house.  How about yours?

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